This mod makes all mechanics in game to have all upgrades without the tools. Then start a new game. Very easy to use and reliable. Looking forward to checking out Lost Alpha and Misery and then get back into modding. GreenMan GreenMan 7 years ago 7 I’m in a similar boat but will be playing Call of Pripyat for the first time and will be DLing a mod for my first playthrough. This item is incompatible with S.

s.m.r.t.e.r. pripyat mod

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Primarily focusing on the sky and weather of Call of Pripyat, AtmosFear adds over 90 new high-res sky textures, a dual weather cycle and probably weather patterns for different game areas.

Made by a Russian stalker nicknamed ‘sanchez’. I prioyat playing this game a few days ago, now do I have to take it from the very start to have the Mod in? Call of Pripyat is the oddly named S. Able to merge mods.

First off, the mod makes the game quite unbalanced in the favor of the enemy. Just when you are getting accustomed to the new and improved Zone, this mod throws something like an unpredictable and fast moving blowout that can completely destroy your enjoyable Stalker experience. Call of Pripyat does have the basics down pretty well.


Graphics are the same -the only changes are the mutants and the new weapons i read Mods God mode and carry Last edited by Hominid ; Jan 17, 9: Some of the changes and improvements included in this mod pack are:.

The absolute best thing a survival-horror-radioactive-first-person-shooter like Stalker can have going for it is fantastic atmosphere.

s.m.r.t.e.r. pripyat mod

Last edited by Silva ; Jan 17, 4: This mod makes it so you can carry 75KG of stuff. And if there are other pripyt you think are superior, please let me know.

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Call of Pripyat Store Page. Big plans for the future. Instead of a fast-paced, twitch-based focus, the Stalker series is more about intelligent firefights, utilizing effective approaches, cover, and controlled bursts of ammo. Luckily, Call of Pripyat has that in spades, and why let a good thing go to waste?

Add Comment Sign up to access this! One of the better extra touches added to the Stalker series has always been the small pockets of s.m.r.t.er. that Stalkers form in the face of the harsh Zone. Join the community today totally free – or sign in with your social account on the right and join in the conversation. Online Project – a modification for the game S.


On a side note, misery’s coming out soon, looks very promising imo. GreenMan GreenMan 7 years ago 7 I’m in a similar boat but will be playing Call of Pripyat for the first time and will be DLing a mod for my first playthrough. This fun little mod adds all 11 original guitar and harmonica songs from Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky, as well as over 20 original tracks.

It’s a useful tool for use different mods of stalker. That was pripyyat year ago, though, I think.

s.m.r.t.e.r. pripyat mod

They definitely are changing more than rookie friendly mods and might s.m.rr.t.e.r. different experience with specific things. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Im mainly looking for graphic and sound upgrades!!

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