Interesting, it’s similar in German with this “charboner”. Toi j’ veux t’ voir a 16 heures Sefyu: Nan pas de visites pour lui aujourd’hui il est au trou ok man ouvre la grille tu peux ouvrir avancez RR: Ouais, je suis OP RR: We simply use the English word: Je rentre chez moi Bon debarras RR:

viens pas ici sefyu

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viens pas ici sefyu

Mina Since it’s too hard for you You have a choice It’ll be your mother, your sister or me. Interesting, it’s similar in German with this “charboner”. Mina What’s wrong with you? You’re viejs God’s gift to mankind pff come on, beat it!

C’est Les Tatoués Contre Les Balafrés | Donald Trump Meme on

Vasi a tout de suite alors RR: We simply use the English cii You don’t speak with me anymore You don’t laugh anymore Your gaze is not lively anymore Nine months long I carried you I endured your kicks [in my belly]. Casse toi de la toi! Sefyu Je vais au charbon pour toi, moi, quoi?


J’ai du pain sur la planche Baba: Sefyu Wait, wait, wait What are you talking about, huh? Mais calcule le pas! Le RDV c’est dans le 15eme Sefyu: T’es malade ou quoi? Thanks, I didn’t know. Un point, c’est tout! Sefyu I sell off drugs for you, so what?

This woman gave you birth You owe her every second of your life yeah go on Sefyu Well come on, will you throw me out? Wallah tu fous la haine Baba: Ouais, je suis OP RR: Zaho 20 years long I’ve been putting up with you!

viens pas ici sefyu

Mina Tell me who’s the man at your home, I’m still wondering Your sister picks you quarrels when she knows she’s wrong. This is the way you talk to me?

Sefyu – “Un Point, C’est Tout” French to English pleeeeeeeeease!!!!

In front of your girl, you’ll just shut up yeah, that’s it I bet you had a row with your family Sefyu Well, yeah, one real brain-teaser They won’t give me a break They think they can do all they like I don’t owe them anything ’cause I’ve got no money Mina See, when you go back home, your mother yells at you Takes advantage of you, like she’s your boss Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Vasi rentre chez toi vieux chien!


Nan pas de visites viena lui aujourd’hui il est au trou ok man ouvre srfyu grille tu peux ouvrir avancez RR: Sanah Are you crazy?

viens pas ici sefyu

Now it has to come to an end! Eh mais wallah je viebs lui rentrer dedans lui Devant la maternelle, en face Du centre commercial a Grenelle Sefyu: Hello, I know this song, I’ll take care of it.

SEFYU – Viens Pas Ici #FINDUGAME Chords – Chordify

What’s with the long face? Quoi t’es serieux la?

Eh qu’est ce que t’es en train de faire la?