Mahadevan Cinematography Kasthoori Edited by G. The inspector RadhaKrishna Achyuth informs his aunt Jayanthi , who teaches music in his native village, of this and the past of Anantha Sharma is narrated through flashback. In this emotional moment, he suffers a heart-attack. Anantha Sharma Mammootty is a highly accomplished carnatic music exponent and renowned by many as a role model. The river inspires him to sing many songs in different tunes. Veteran singer Vani Jayaram lent her voice for all songs sung by Gangadharam in the film and she is absolutely fantastic.

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Posted by phani at 6: Neeeyara Sharma often feels he is almost invincible in the world of Carnatic Music and there is nobody who can challenge his knowledge or expertise in it. But his devotion towards K.

When he ventures out into the village, he is beaten by the shepherds who believe that he is a thief. People behind the Screen: Gangadhar Master Manjunath lives in the same village. Aanati neeyara swathi kiranam a coincidence that he composed different songs for Narada in both these films in the same raga Behag,viz. Mahadevan was quite ill and hospitalized. All lyrics written by Sirivennela SitaramasastriVennelakantiC.

P Sushiela, Sri Ghantasala and the doyen of Telugu Film Neeuara Saluru Rajeswara Neyeara who were trained by the legendary violinst Dwaram Venkataswamy Naidu, my curiosity to inquisitively follow music was a logical and natural desire.

Telugu Lyrics – Manoharam

To show his gratitude towards his adopted mother, Gangadhar kills himself so that there is no competition for Anantha Sharma. In this emotional moment, he suffers a heart-attack.


It is also strange that music was composed by two tamil maestros Viswanathan and Ramamurty. The mellifluous and memorable songs from these other noted music directors of telugu films like Pendyala and KV Mahadevan were mostly based on Indian Classical ragas.

Vani JayaramK. The song is so soulfully composed in raga desh by Pendyala asnati sung by two great stalwarts, S Varalakshmi and P Sushiela is nostalgic. Viswanath Produced by V.

Aanati Neeyara ~ Swathi Kiranam K.V. Mahadevan Vani 4

Hats off to the music director, Susarla Dakshinamoorty and director Kamalakara Kameswara Rao for a treat, never to be seen again. But the brilliance of K. How did Gangadharam feel when he realized that his guru finds him as a threat? Krishna Rao Production company. SPB gave life to the character of Anantha Sharma with his koranam and aggressive voice for each of the songs rendered. Swathi Kiranam is like a different ray of sunlight which makes the audience ponder, and realize that even a practicing musician can get carried away by his insecurities leading to terrible incidents in a highly artistic fashion.

Every song is a unique composition where all the songs rendered by Anantha Sharma are commanding and aggressive, the songs rendered by Gangadharam are mellowed, fresh, spirited yet brilliant. Vishwanath is aanati neeyara swathi kiranam and visually flawless making it a great artistic film.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was also dubbed in Tamil and Kannada and achieved similar success there as well. Anantha Sharma decides to make Gangadharam his student and very soon he comes to know that the latter is indeed a jeeyara prodigy and finds a threat to his greatness. Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam is phenomenal as the lower middle aanati neeyara swathi kiranam father to Gangadharam, who dreams of making his son a great artist.


Aanati Neeyara Song Lyrics – Swathi Kiranam

This is established when he rejects the Padma Shri bestowed upon him by the Government of India, as he believes that the other awardees are not worthy to be mentioned alongside him. In the link below is the song elegantly picturized on Kanchana. The river inspires him to sing many songs in different tunes. This raga has mellow, semi-romantic and pleasing mood.

In Chandrakauns Suddha nishad is used instead of komal nishad. Radhika is mesmerizing as the considerate wife to Anantha Sharma as well as a concerned motherly person to Gangadharam.

In the link aanati neeyara swathi kiranam is the song where the song is picturized on Ghantasala in the film. His knowledge in the field of Carnatic music is immense, and he is obviously too pleased with himself regarding the same.