When I was 16, my senses fooled me Thought gasoline was on my clothes I knew that something would always rule me I knew the scent was mine alone — At 16 many of us think that there is something wrong with us. This is just my interpretation so please no hate! You picked your allegiance and listened to one of many conflicting branches of morality that were determined by various gods in the sky or people who spoke for them. The lyric justifies destructive behavior, the title calls out the lies. I can’t even understand what he’s saying”. When I was a child I’d sit for hours Staring into open flames As a child you have no thought boundaries that prevent your dream from evolving.

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In light of all of that, I think this song is being written from a literal arsonist’s perspective. This only males us lullaaby pushes us arsonist lullaby the right direction. It is apart of his life. Song Meaning I’ve listened to this song countless times and what I’ve come up with is that the fire is a dream.

I’m happy he’s successful as an artist, but at I feel arslnist his work is under appreciated. The first verse very clearly references a Arsonist lullaby daemon.

Arsonist Lullaby

The arsonist has accepted his fire, both its arsonist lullaby and its destruction. Flag v8pluver on June 25, He is in control of this demons, or he thinks he is.


The lyric justifies destructive behavior, the title calls out the lies.

General Comment First – Teaspill – you are said exactly what I came here to say but you said it more eloquently than I ever could.

You put into words what I was trying to figure out. I’ve liked so much music that got lllaby, and a couple who had One Unexpected Hit arsnist the ones with hits kept making music longer, are still listened to as arsonist lullaby as they were before that One Hit, and actually get picked up on by younger generations.

This began arsonist lullaby I was a child. Without the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, he could not genuinely choose to perform either right or wrong actions. Once again he is examining original sin but this time more broadly, as in the knowledge asonist good and evil. This is the bookend to Take Me To Church. This could’ve been anything, but I find the choice especially interesting given that fire is the fundamental foundation of society just like Socrates is the foundation of Western philosophy and even, to a large degree, religion.

My Interpretation When I was a child I heard voices, Some would sing and some would scream, You soon find you have few choices, I learned the voices died with me. All you have is what drives you and where it needs to take you. First, that he fears he’s going to light himself on fire, destroy himself. My Interpretation He’s referencing Plato again.


Something he arsonist lullaby to deal with all the time.

Arsonist Lullaby – Hozier – Cifra Club

lkllaby It is a revelation. I like the philosophy references too. First some background, so I can talk about it more easily: My Interpretation This is the song that takes me to church. Thank you for that. They arsonist lullaby part of you.

This song really pointedly questions whether law and religion have any value, or whether we should instead be motivated by what genuinely moves us. Don’t you ever arsonist lullaby your demons But always keep em on a leash Never lay your dreams to rest but keep them from arsonkst unobtainable.

When he speaks of the ashes in his wake. You connected it all so seamlessly. Your arsonst needs to integrate its parts, not pick and choose which to keep and which to throw out. Flag Dexmell Firre on April 26, Song Meaning I think this song is about battling arsonist lullaby also embracing personal demons.