Dress membranes directly into waste pipes — AS requires that membranes are dressed to an approved drainage flange, or puddle flange, and that the flange is set at the lowest drainage point. Some regional trade practices are borne of previous technologies. This contravenes AS , which requires baths, spas and shower trays to be fully supported. Previous Article Simple marketing tactics to make your business This is supported by design details in AS Tasmanians will not accept this step up, with their hobless walk through showers and will go the extra mile and recess the entire wet area floors.

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The resultant leak occurs when a3s740 and baths deflect under live load, separating wall linings at the tray junction. A x mm cavity around the shower waste is left open, without backfilling as3740 concrete. Some of you may recognise some of these products but as3740 may look like another language.

Photos 2 and 3 illustrate where Lamipanel has been installed over unprotected As33740 water-resistant plasterboard sheeting. People in Tasmania, South As3740 and parts of Queensland will apply membranes to the top of screeds. This contravenes ASwhich requires baths, spas and shower trays to be fully supported. This is a breach of BCA performance provisions. The Standard requires that waterproof and water resistant substrate and surface materials are as3740 in conjunction with each other.

Water damaged Aquacheck sheeting. Compliant tiling to height designated by rose connections.

Australian Standards (AS) Waterproofing of Domestic Wet Areas – Project Building Certifiers

The correct construction should have been application of a compliant membrane system as3740 the entire surface area of the Aquacheck, as per CSR requirements, and then installation of the Lamipanel with a compatible adhesive i. Victorians will religiously install compressed cement sheeting to recessed wet area floors, where Queensland and NSW install particle board sheeting, as3470 be fully waterproofed.


Behind as3740 and linings or, Into concealed spaces of sanitary facilities, bathrooms, laundries and the like. Compliant waterproofed, tiled to all areas. Two important things As As3740 mentioned in a previous Building Connection article, following two key principles will help building practitioners and designers to avoid waterproofing failures, and provide serviceable and usable wet area facilities.

Next Article Has wood-plastic come of age? Regional trends and practices regarding waterproofing application seem to vary throughout Australia — as3740 to the point of the language and terminology used. Tasmanians will render a as3740, and often only the shower floor. MDF skirting has been removed. No membrane to substrate sheeting. This can do more as3740 than good — exposed wire can penetrate the membrane and cause a breach through differential movement.

Andrew Golle – Waterproofing Columns. Some regional trade practices are borne of previous technologies.

AS – Standards Australia

as3740 Water then travels along the tray gutter and jumps the tray from behind the wall sheeting, escaping the shower enclosure. This is compounded by the common practice of installing the shower screen to unprotected wall linings and then tiling up to the screen.

Water has jumped the tray as3740 from behind sheet linings. The as3740 thing — Use only compliant waterproof and water resistant materials in wet areas AS — Section 2 lists compliant waterproof and water resistant materials to be used in wet area substrates and linings. Seal all penetrations — this includes sheet fixings, tap and mixer penetrations, rose as3740, toilet penetrations, screen fixings and any other penetrations as3740 waterproofing systems.


They apply to all building practitioners, as required under your particular state or territory legislation. Main bathroom floor areas outside of the shower are often built up with three layers of 6mm cement sheeting, in order to raise the floor outside of the shower area.

As3740 example of a breach of this requirement occurs when laminated wet area lining sheets are fitted over non-compliant, unprotected plasterboard sheeting. North Queensland and Western Australia install masonry, tiled hobs to shower enclosures, however WA are still having trouble with placing the shower screen to the inside edge of the hob.

Standards Catalogue

Escaping water then contacts and deteriorates adjoining timber skirtings — another no-no! This results as3740 high mould concentrations and poor sub-tile drainage. New South As3740 and Victoria, in particular, struggle with the concept. Those that utter these words must be brought to task, and asked to justify their claims in writing.