The interesting scene in this drama is about how their love develop and how then they are become the real couple. Finally I come closer to Taiwanese Drama. His sister and his mother also hate Eun Seong. Both of them feel passionate love but one day, So Jung has to go to China for several days connecting with her job. He always sends her a cactus to gives her support. So Jung loves Tae Pung at once since no one tells her that she is beautiful and beside Tae Pung is a handsome and romantic man. Log in to watch more.

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He comes to her once moretelling her that he loves her and want to marry her. This action cannot be undone! To live, to listen, to learn. His sister and his mother also hate Eun Seong. New single Ssranghamnida feat Tim. Whereas she is still in 4 th semester. Fan Yun Xi later decides to divorce from Jun Hao but since her big willing to have a family with Jun Hao, she gets an emotional breakdown. To know about herself and who her parents are, she enters Silla Kingdom and masquerades as a man.

President Kim san hires his friend and celebrity chef Astrid ft tim saranghamnida as a co-head chef to work with Hyun-wook.

Day: June 1, 2012

Depois quis… Would You? Eolgulgwa Maeumgwa Sarangui Gwangye. And Hwan has changed to be a good astrid ft tim saranghamnida kind man. So weak and hopeless I love you. Zhang Min Han, one of shareholder of Senwell hotel is really ambitious to be a General Manager and want to saranhgamnida up the information about the real history Senwell owners and the relation between Xu Zi Qian and Jun Hao who are very close just like a real brother.


SARANG HAM NI DA – Tim (Hwang Young Min) –

Choi Hyun is a new chief chef in La Sfera who had ever took a culinary school in Italy. And Eun Seong finally is living in her house which the same house with Woo Hwan. And when Eun Seong have to call her brother, her hand phone is trampled by Hwan and her brother is dessapear.

They turn into astrid ft tim saranghamnida and try to outdo each other in making the finest Italian cuisine. He is so angry with his wife who has driven out his daughter and son. Even Zhang Min Han has change his mind as well, become a kind person. Actually, this drama has been aired on local TV astrid ft tim saranghamnida Indonesia but I never watched it. His wallet is stolen by a thief including his identity card and also credit card. She wants to take a revenge to Mi-shil who has killing her twin sister.

Also known as Love is Blind. One night, Tae Pung meets a drunk woman in front of his house. This time I see you again See you back when you leave me I say those words silently with tears ….


Her child name is Deokman and she was discarded when she was a baby and her adopted parents take care of her in desert.

Download Astrid Ft Tim Saranghamnida Lagu MP3 & MP4 Video – MrLagu

Mi-shil is willing to control Silla Kingdom. So far every episode of this Kdrama is nice to watch. The artists are so beautiful wearing Korean royal cloths and the men are good looking as well. She started her career as a chef assistant whose duties are helping another chef to astrid ft tim saranghamnida anything they need in the kitchen like washing the plates, preparing food ingredients, serving some drinks for the chefs and wiping their sweat as well.

Knowing that it is an forbidden love, Tian Yu run away in tears. Music for your Website. Her step sister Seong Mi loves Hwan since she was in high school. Music Astrid feat Tim.

Eun Seong decide to work for some money while looking for her brother. Several months later, So Jung gets an accident and she gets the same impaired vision as Tae Pung last time.