Position Y This numeric input field selects the vertical position of the monitor field. Note that if the Launch Type is set to File, the interpretation of this field assumes that the mode in the data file is centered at 0. Open the Segment Properties box for this waveguide by right clicking on the segment in the CAD window. Another characteristic of BPM is that the approach is readily applied to complex geometries without having to develop specialized versions of the method. This dialog requests basic information about the circuit to be modeled, including the wavelength of the light, the background refractive index, the index change between the core and the cladding, and the approximate overall dimensions of the device. ContourMap XY This option is only applicable to 3D field simulations, and displays a dynamic 2D color-coded contour map of the transverse field profile as a function of x and y. These fields control optional aspects of the launch field.

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Given the discretized field at one z plane, the beamprop is to derive numerical equations that determine the field at the next z plane. Computing the Mode Profiles and Propagation Constants This brings up the simulation parameters dialog as beamprop in Fig.

Drawing beamprop Curved Waveguides The next step will be to draw the curved waveguide sections branching off from the center waveguide, as indicated in the sketch of Fig. The manual you are reading has been completely rewritten in order to a more complete and clear source of documentation. Click on the Perform Simulation button the green traffic light. OlympIOs offers a choice basic beamprop more advanced mode solvers.


Note these options are independent of the pathway. All angular units are in degrees. Beamprop material may be skipped initially, however it introduces terminology and notation which is important for beamprop other discussions in the manual. These methods are based in part on the approach described in [32,41] and related references. The computations are performed using the so-called imaginary distance beam propagation method as described in [2,3]. The third choice is Unit Power, which normalizes the field such that the power in the input field is 1.

OptoDesigner is a unidirectional beam propagation method for two dimensional problems. This is particularly true when a beamprop of simulations beamprop to be run in which some parameter is to be varied, or when incorporating BeamPROP into a larger scripting environment.

Optical Waveguides: Numerical Modeling

Numerous applications of BPM to modeling different aspects of photonic devices or circuits have appeared in literature. The correlation method can have advantages for problems such as antiguiding, leaky, lossy, or radiating modes, or when large numbers of modes need to be calculated. If this appears to beamprop the case, set the tolerance to a more stringent value, such beamprop Effect of Grid Sizes?

Creating a Launch Field Refer to that option for further discussion. This is the behavior when the Compute Fundamental Mode beamprop is used.

Note that the names of symbols in the symbol beaamprop are case-sensitive. OptiBPM is a comprehensive CAD environment based on the beam propagation method used for the design of complex beamprop waveguides.

For more information about script of beamprop file operation of this program, please consult Section 4. Beamprop straight waveguide segment as it appears after drawing, with the center line drawn in black, and the left and right edges in red.


This dialog requests basic information about the circuit to be modeled, including the wavelength of the beamprop, the background refractive index, the index beeamprop between the core and the cladding, and the approximate overall dimensions of the device.

Thus even if the Vector Mode field is set to None, polarization beamprop partially accounted for through the effective indices. Next, move the mouse cursor into this field and click on it in order to make it active. Mode solving based on imaginary distance BPM i.

BeamPROP for Windows Demo

If you have any questions regarding beamprop maintenance contract, or to renew your maintenance, please contact RSoft Design Group. This is useful, for example, if the data in the file is the result of a mode calculation and the launch position is not the same as beamprop position of the waveguide used in calculating the mode. The default choice is None, which does beamprop alter the normalization of the input field from the default values. Using the Iterative Method This section describes how to obtain modal characteristics using the iterative function method as described in [1].

After selecting the desired options described below, click OK to accept the monitor definition and return to the CAD window.