Jammer clocked Spyro playing it on Rinse and got in touch, told me about the project and that was it. Close your eyes and think of Christmas with Burberry…. I see it as a job that i enjoy and I’m lucky to be doing it. I’d been sitting on them for a while and put them together to put out and satisfy demand. Flooding the scene with too much music decreases demand and makes me too accessible as an artist. And to celebrate his new album

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Faze Miyake was one of grime’s most refreshing success stories inwith his take on bass-laden, hip-hop inspired beats capturing the grime scenes’ collective imagination tae great effect. The demand for those beats came straight off the back of Lord of the Mics. Once I sent it to a few DJs though that was it, it was crazy man.

A.G, THE DJ. • Faze Miyake – Take Off EP [Advert]

Doing music independently keeps you in control – even if I signed a publising deal, I could always use my own to elevate and help out other guys coming through. The thing with deejaying is that you get to faze miyake take off ep the reception of a crowd hearing your track and that is such a powerful feeling. Close your eyes and think of Christmas with Burberry….

We started to work really hard together on beats and CDs from that point on and both of us started to get a bit of recognition.

Flooding the scene with too much music decreases demand and makes me too accessible as an artist. About two years later, I started to get more interested and ended up learning from someone else how to use it properly but I was never too serious, it was just a hobby.


Outside of my immediate circle, I’m focusing on doing as much album work as I can but I don’t know where the future is going to lead me to be honest. Lots of people started enquiring about it from there and once that imyake, it really broke me through. It’s much more real I’d been mmiyake on them for a while and put them together to put out and satisfy demand.

I wanted to make tunes on a Rick Ross tip because everyone was loving him at the time.

Burberry Unveils New Christmas Campaign

Had you been working away for years or faze miyake take off ep it come as more of a surprise? His breakthrough single ‘Take Off’, widely acknowledged as the year’s defining underground anthem, was selected as the official backing track for the third installment of rejuvenated legendary battle-series Lord of the Mics and follow up EP, ‘The Second Six’ also drew plaudits from all the right places. I was already paying attention to the grime scene though so I didn’t try to get overly excited, but I did see it as a proper chance to get a breakthrough.

More and more people came though and it just made sense to start doing it myself.

I turned the acapella on his CD ‘Blue Battlefiled’ into a tune and that was it. I suppose it’s a thing where I’ll have to swtich it up at some point but el hopefully faze miyake take off ep entirely.

A new age platform I actually had the tune sitting around for ages but everyone thought it sounded like a rap tune. It is definitely my sound at the moment though and because it’s working so well, I’m running with it. I am starting to look at mixing up different genres now but without losing my signature sound; same blueprint but with new and different elements I guess.


When I’m in the studio, I don’t need to drink or smoke really either, it just all comes together naturally. It gets to a point where, after a little while, you’ve got nothing else to do or work on. Home News Features Take Off: It fp does depend on your audience.

Faze Miyake

Gradually I started getting into mixing too and bought myself some decks – I was mixing garage, grime, house, everything really”. How does it compare to producing? It does help that my studio fazw well set up at my house and I’m always in it but I do just think odf it as going to work. I always knew it was a good tune but I made it mucking around because I’d just come faze miyake take off ep from Miami on holiday.

To put it mildly, this is a man very much at the top of his game. I played ‘Dead Battery’ and a few others with Jammer alongside hosting and everyone was going mad but after a little while, I dropped ‘Gunpowder’ and it didn’t get the reaction I thought it would. What are you hoping to achieve in music?

I’m just fake as much as I can and making sure there’s lots of new music floating around.