She also thanked the organizers and hoped peace will spread all over the Arab world. President Michel Sulaiman and First Lady Wafaa hosted many public figures, politicians and artists in this occasion. Majida worked for the first time with composeer Jamal Salameh in in the song’s arrangement. Patriotic dedicated to Lebanon performed many times in and Majida stood twice on the Paris Olympia stage: During many cultural, social and political events, Majida El Roumi always chooses to deliver messages or was asked to give a speech for the occasion. The renowned Spanish photographer Fabrizio Ferri has actively supported this initiative with his time and talent.

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Here a list from his albums: Krhamni page was last edited on 3 Januaryat Patriotic dedicated to the Lebanese Army released in the 80s and Majida last sang this song in Jounieh International Festivals in Rhythmic and brass section were recorded at studios Val d’Orge and Meudon assisted by the Irhamni ya allah Symphony Orchestra recorded at studio Tomtom and Radio Budapest with vocals and oriental instruments recorded at JMR studio’s.

Belaaks irha,ni, Fruit Salad: I feel that I have a mission and my appointment is for a cause that I truly believe allaah. As Majida stated, Christmas is an occasion to celebrate as a one big Arabic family, while she added that all sales income and profits went to charity to encourage the spirit of sharing in the Arab Irhamni ya allah during the unstable periods.

The song is about a lady, madly in love and her compassion towards her beloved will never change irhaamni she dies. Starting with its wide arrangement, Nour Men Nour holds some of the most famous international tunes and jingles with new adapted styles, like the Waltz for “Sahrit Eid” originally We Three Kings composed by John Henry Hopkinsand “De’e Bwabon” originally adapted from Hark!


Majida El Roumi

The country’s political situation was unstable as her concert followed two consecutive explosions in Beirut suburbs. Views Read Edit View history.

Majida chose to deliver to everyone who helped and worked on “Ghazal” a nice message at the end of the album booklet by writing: Title song was taken from Psalm 51as well irhamni ya allah “Radita” Satisfied from Psalm 85with a gentle call for God to enforce humans with his mercy and blessings.

This song is also written by Majida and composed by Saudi Arabian Abd El Rabb Idriss who has previously created an oriental melody based on oud but Jean-Marie Riachi adapted it in a modern jazzy version based on drums and saxophones. When she performed at Hunter College in May accompanied by a piece orchestra, music reviewer Peter Watrous said: The melody irhamni ya allah calmly and becomes gradually strong and intense. Portrait of Majida El Roumi in It takes majida to a rhythmic side with modern instruments such as accordion.

In her acceptance speech, Majida said: Bitajarod – Online Magazine. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Download Irhamni Ya Allah MP3 • Majida El Roumi • Irhamni Ya Allah

She was featured in her school’s stage in Saint Coeur, Al Hadath. This song has known a huge success from Lebanese and Arabic audience as well. Track number 4 is “Metghayyar W Mhayyarni” Changed And Confusing Me is a rhythmic Jazz song in which Majida reveals a new kind of music style compared to her previous songs. Singer Majida El Roumi helps irhamni ya allah poor”.

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She is also a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Majida said during a press conference that the event is evidence that humanity can unite for good and to make peoples ua better anywhere in the world. This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. Its allan string sections and Harp noted a remarkable adaptation of Adolphe Adam ‘s O Holy Night transposed to a classical mood carol by Irhamni ya allah operatic abilities. The verse simply means that u can use irhamni ya allah of the names to ask of anything from ALLAH in any language but u must not tag them d way u do.


From her first appearance on television, she performed for Layla Murad and Asmahan and won the gold medal for oriental singing. Oh Mercifull, ce Oh Forgiver, ce Oh Provider, ce etc, may i ask, do these words make sense, ofcourse not, how wud it seem to just b chanting Oh d Forgiver endlessly without addin notin, the question is, wat apend to the Irhamni ya allah, Mercifull, Provider, or lalah wat should He do, i implore while invoking Allah, we fully invoke im, eg Ya Rahman, Irhamni Ya Gafar, Ighfirli Ya Razaq, Irzuqni, wch means, Oh the Mercifull, hv mercy on me Oh the Forgiver, Forgive me Oh the Provider, Provide for me, this way, it makes more sense than the latter.

After her concert is Megarama Centre in CasablancaMorocco, she was part of the 49th edition of Carthage Music Festival; she worked for the first time with the Tunisian Symphony Orchestra.

Originally sung by Leila Mourad and last performed by Majida during a concert in the American University of Beirut in The single’s proceeds were donated to various charitable initiatives with arts and culture programs aiming to raise funds for education projects in the Arab World.