Word does not have an embedded TeX processor — it’s just doing pattern matching to convert simple LaTeX syntax into the native equation format. Tim 5, 45 Does it include environments Like align, equation, etc…? In fact, Unicode TeX builds up correctly in Office math apps. This control word switches back to UnicodeMath, which we used to call the Linear Format.

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Devid’s answer is excellent, but I had difficulty with the specific instructions.

You can even highlight parts of the latex equation and after a Refresh the highlighted selection will also appear in the generated equation. Answer mentioned above is correct but there is a also latex formeleditor builtin which is math auto correct. To fix that, for each “lim,” put the cursor just after the “m” and hit Space to cause Word to check “lim” latex formeleditor its table of functions and adjust the formatting.

By default its inactive but you can activate it and is really helpful if you want to write big equations.


latex2png – convert latex equations to images

This should be the best answer. The equation is converted back to LaTeX format. Simply insert a new equation, and then type LaTeX into it. For example, you latex formeleditor build up. Wouldn’t it be simple to write latex formeleditor in LaTeX? August 16, at 5: I wonder if there is some free solutions for typing math formulas the LaTeX way in Microsoft Word document Office ? Very few people realize that the built-in equation editor in Word actually understands LaTeX-style equation entry.

Latex formeleditor is very slow compared to Latex. I tested it in Word So don’t take it personally if the link doesn’t get much action. You can also convert back to LaTeX to edit the equation. You should therefore not expect to get perfect fidelity for super-complex LaTeX equations.

BTW, readers are likely to be reluctant to download an unknown file, particularly from a formeleditro user.

The Templates Toolbar provides common equations to choose from. Foormeleditor of the symbols presented in the Symbols Toolbar are also available in the editor. If you prefer you can download the installer directly from latex formeleditor. EqualX is a helpful graphical application to LaTeX programs intended for writing equations, but is not a full editor. It has all the features of Latex in Word, plus gives handling of equation references.


This is not your original LaTeX source, because it has been round-tripped through the Equation Editor’s internal format. It is a Word AddIn.

Auto-LaTeX Equations – Google Docs add-on

Formelecitor 31, at 3: Which features of LaTeX are enabled? Then delete the extra space that created. For more, see Features. The equation should then fill in mostly correctly, as in Devid’s last picture.

You will see Latex formeleditor equation here selected.

EqualX LaTeX Equation Editor

That includes many math operators, Greek letters, and various other symbols. Therefore Latex nor Unicode is visible.

This doesn’t turn Word into LaTeX.