Thanks to his strong psionic resistance, his brain rejected the implant and he brings new hope to the desperate human race looking for a leader. During combat, the player controls a squad of single-character units and must accomplish various goals. You gain experience through killing opponents or healing your teammates. Therefore, they are only allowed to perform a certain number of actions per turn. The campaign missions themselves are varied and challenging. The Zorn, in return for helping the Arelians, were to be allowed to eat any human above the age of Thus, as the game progresses, each unit becomes stronger and they may specialize in a type of weapon or skill above all others.

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Some of these obstacles can be destroyed by heavy weapons; you’ll need to take full advantage of the terrain in each map to succeed. In the yeara race of aliens known as the Arelians have enslaved the gbaa population of Earth using their henchmen, the savage Zorn.

Rebelstar – Tactical Command – Gameboy Advance(GBA) ROM Download

Laser Squad The Dreamland Chronicles: The new format allows for a level of character and story development never present in the original x-com games. The main character, Jorel, after losing both his parents to the alien invaders, decides to flee south to Mexico to join the rebel forces and fight the alien invaders.

Rebelwtar strategy of the game lies in using your action points to the fullest while still remaining in cover and not getting shot yourself. While I’m not a big fan of the TBS genre, I looked forward to Rebelstar because of its apocalyptic storyline, cute anime characters, and the opportunity to blow up little gray aliens.


Rebelstar – Tactical Command

Its has an interesting story as well. I would have given it a 10 if it were longer, maybe had a level maker and had better multiplayer potential.

Much better than either Fire Emblem and Ad Wars – more thought in the game than both of those put together. Archived from the original on August 25, The Zorn, in return for helping the Arelians, were to be allowed to eat any human above the age of Add in the fact that you can save anywhere, anytime, and you have a recipe for a perfect handheld tactics game. The game was supposed to be followed by the cancelled sequel Rebelstar 2: Every time a unit damages an enemy, heals an ally, or uses psonics, it gains experience points.

The game follows strict line-of-sight rules, rebelstar tactical command gba you can only see what your soldiers see in front of them.

To help you out with this, the game shows you a handy, color-coded grid each time you select a soldier to move. See all 29 Critic Reviews. The Gollop brothers have weeded the rebelstar tactical command gba complexity out of the XCom interface without sacrificing the versatility and elegance of the system.

Rebelstar: Tactical Command Review – GameSpot

See all 8 User Tebelstar. Grafix not vgood game excellent. September 6, AU: I love these squad level turn based games. If you leave yourself enough action points rebelstar tactical command gba the end of a turn, you can put your soldier into overwatch mode, which will allow him or her to attack during the enemy’s turn if a foe should wander into that soldier’s line of sight.


The art style in-game has a charming cartoonlike quality to it, and there are several different tilesets displayed across the maps. This shows you how far you can move while still having enough points left to do an aimed shot, or a quicker but less accurate snap shot.

Rebelstar Tactical Command

Everything from moving to firing a weapon, reloading, or throwing grenades takes rebelstwr specified number of action points. Better late than never; the makers of the legendary tactical game have finally come through with Rebelstar: The gameplay, on the other hand, really shines. If you’re a fan of the original two X-Com games, it has the same feel Please make more of these games – any platform – I’ll buy the platform to play the game!!

Once they have enough, they gain a level which raises their attributes such as strength, constitution, and intelligence at random. As ammunition is limited, it rebelstar tactical command gba sometimes necessary to loot a corpse in order to keep fighting. Tactical Command is a turn-based tactics ga game developed by Codo Technologies and published by Namco for the Game Boy Advance in There is no research tree, no base building, no alien dissections and no global map.

rebelstar tactical command gba