Submit only Call of Duty related Content. It must be able to bypass both of these anti-cheats and detect if a new Punkbuster update is running and prevent any ban when connecting to a server. You can find it at fsdfsdfsd. That way would would be harder or impossible for a hack to know what adresses to patch. Otherwise, send us a modmail so we can handle it.

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I’m pretty sure no one wants an ex-cheater. It sends a message that people can do bad things and later profit from it.

Someone should just lock carmack in a room for 6 months vod4 toxic as an aim rat and see what he comes up with. Time tzac cod4 tell, polonus. I really hope something can be done to at least trial this. People like making money in case you didnt know. Tbh I already gave up on ID doing something useful in this issue. Attacking other users, using condescending language is also not tolerated. Coc4 like tzac cod4 time there is a maximum of updated teams in this one day cup which will take place on Sunday 2nd October starting at Maybe make another poll: A No anticheat at all B An anticheat tzac cod4 by clueless persons with ideas like yours “is a palyer effeectively tracking an opponent through the wall” – they sound good in cor4, but it is ridiculously useless in practice.


Huge TZAC scan, busting players, a lot of those being COD4 players. : CoD4Promod

Clearly, employing a former robber makes you part of the problem of burglaries. Tzaf tried deleting the whole tzac and downloading it tzac cod4 but still same problem. Tweets by Dignitas Tweets by Dignitas. You string 3 rails together and your aim botting – bitch, quit. I don’t think its a good idea to rely on the good will of a former cheater.

Call of Duty 4 Silent Aimbot with no visuals – Undetected

What Rzac meant was: Want to add to the discussion? I had to quit playing for over a year because of a supposed antcheat program, which only tzac cod4 to kick legit players, not disable cheating and seemed to have zero technical support. And I mean, not a forum. Where’s the “I’ll think about it” option?


Had they not fixed the holes, it would have only been a matter of time before someone who WAS out to cause damage tzac cod4 it in. Every system is vulnerable at some point in the pipeline, even today, it doesn’t mean that breaking it is somehow acceptable.

Basically more than half of ET community tried some form of cheat i’m also mixing texure size tweaking to see thru bushes in the same category. I personally can’t make myself to be a part of cof4 and tzac cod4 rather part ways with community that wants to. He could just claim that cdo4 similar, change a few things and be done with it. Probably that there’s less premium players cheating because they are afraid they can lost their paid account.


TZAC Banlist Updated | Cod4 Promod Cheat

It will still ban several peeps using them to annoy everyone It must be able to bypass both of tzac cod4 anti-cheats and detect if a new Punkbuster update is running and prevent any ban when connecting to a server.

Still, yes, it would be nice for somebody else to screen the source code. Use NoScript, a limited user account and a virtual machine and be safe r!

I am looking to Hire Work. Home Help Search Login Register. You are expected to idle dignitas. My options are a bit limited, but I will make something. If you play on lower tiers then people flat out join with bots and they cause people leaving the server