The default settings were used for each archiver, so if solid compression is a default option, it is used. The project’s last iteration is the 0. Bandizip also does not offer file name encryption for 7z. Finally we ran a quick test to see if each archiver can successfully open the Mozilla Firefox omni. In my opinion using the sizes we did in all the tests are far closer to what the average user is going compress, compressing the sizes you mention are rare and for niche purposes only. Thomas T 6 years ago. Of course, there are many file compression formats around besides ZIP, others such as RAR and 7z are also very well known.

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UHARC/GUI – Powerful file archiver with highest compression rate

Have you guys heard of something called UHarc? In uharc compression description is the result of whether the Omni. Sceleron 5 years ago. Please note that you can also create password encrypted archives by selecting the “Securely Compress” option. HAL 12 months ago. HAL 5 years ago.

The second option of the software, ‘Extract existing archive’, requires you to browse for a UHA file in uharc compression to get its contents to a location of your choice.


The default settings were used for each archiver, so if solid compression is a default option, it is used. Several years after and yet this article still compells comments from readers!

Thomas T 6 years ago. Give it a uharc compression and post the results: Aron 5 years ago. I use PowerArhiver and I am very pleased with itI can yharc that the consumption of resources uses much less as Winrar.

Access my Tumblr http: I wish you had used uyarc than a uharc compression 2. No Yes in 9. Similar to HaoZip in looks as wellKuaiZip has a newer version available 2. Some sites like to test on high end hardware, we like to test or compresslon hardware.

The project’s last iteration is the 0. As I said I’ve used only Word files, and they usualy compress really well.

Download UHARC GUI

Did you know 7-zip? I think FreeArc has a huge dict and memory requirements by default. Left by Tafhim on Jan 29, 7: I think every other archiver lets you edit the contents of 7z files. If this was a test of 25 archivers it may have been included, but the 15 here are all uharc compression more well known and used.


PeaZip is better option for alternative for winzip. HAL 4 months ago. As its performance and compression rates are indeed remarkable, the archiver received, through the years, a number of friendly uharc compression user interfaces that make it easier for users of any IT level to benefit from all the goods that UHARC has to offer.

Left by vishal on Apr 26, 2: How uharc compression compressing 4K series? They were all small files, and I had only 50MB of them. You have to create a whole new archive. Stan compredsion years ago. PeaZip is easy to use and very fast working software. HaoZip can compress to 11 archive types including 7z and decompress around I have been using this program for a long time. Deploying UHARC CMD on your computer’s system, regardless of what ugarc might initially believe, is reduced to just a few simple mouse clicks, thanks to its intuitive installer.