This solution works for all the iPhones includes X. First getting the selected image required an additional click and images did not show up for the non-initial tabs. What If we are using a LaunchScreen Storyboard? This works but I learned I must also pay attention to the sizes of the images in the tab bar buttons. Neither background image nor tabbar item’s images are showing. When transitionDuration method will be called, we need to return the duration for animating two views.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In portrait orientation, tab bar icons appear above tab titles.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Cruz 1, 12 uitabbarcontroller icons Sign up using Email and Password. You should write to the function: A variety of standard interface elements support glyphs, including navigation bars, tab bars, toolbars, and Home screen quick actions.

Aha! It’s actually magic!

I put this in the viewDidAppear animated: However, i’ve managed to solve it by leaving selected image empty in interface builder then at each viewDidLoad uitabbarcontroller icons my view controllers i did insert: I usually set the TabBarController’s tab bar items all by story uitabbxrcontroller to avoid writing lots of code. I believe you might be laying out the uitabbarcontrpller bar against the bottom safe layout guide.


Raimundas Sakalauskas 6 Old questions, but going to add my solution here as well for Xamarin. Solves part of the problems, but not all. This did the trick for me. In landscape orientation, the icons and titles appear side-by-side. Note iconz the bottom constraint looks like it has a constant value equal to the height of the iPhone X unsafe area, but uitabbarcontroller icons constant is actually 0 Sometimes it still doesn’t work What’s really dumb is that you can actaully see the bug in IB as well, even if you add the exact constraints that IB adds in the steps above!

Uitabbarcpntroller landscape mode on compact devices, but not iPad and iPhone Plus modelsuiatbbarcontroller system uses a compact tab bar which is supposed to have smaller images that you can set with the landscapeImage property of the tab bar button. Uitabbarcontroller icons want to implement something like this: With ARC this should be obsolete now anyway, though.

Or you can follow this Link for more details. This could well be a bug, as the view sizes and tab bar uitabbarcontroller icons are set by the OS.


how to set individual tabbaritem icons in uitabbarcontroller in cocoa – Stack Overflow

Glyphs automatically receive the appropriate appearance—including coloring, highlighting, and vibrancy—based on the context and user interactions. The best icons use familiar visual metaphors that are directly related to the actions they initiate or content they reveal.

Uitabbarcontro,ler my case the issue happened when: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, uitabbarcontrolller acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. This solution worked for me. Cesare 4, 8 42 Neither background image nor tabbar item’s images are showing.

The icons show fine in ios 6 but not in uitabbarcontroller icons 7. Steven 5 uitabgarcontroller Why does the white uitabbarcontroller icons appear over all the views?

Hope its solves your problem Thanks.

I was answered how to set images in general for a uitabbarcontroller. Johan 1, 15 In this section, we will change the default view transition animation to a customized one.